I suffered with IBS for years...... my GP’s answer was “live with it” which I did.... until I met Michelle...and she has totally changed my life. After having a blood test and finding which foods I should avoid AND changing my eating habits such as no chemicals, no bad preservatives, no sugar... supported with some herbs and nutrients. I am now free from pain and for the first time IN OVER 10 YEARS I no longer worry about going out in public and controlling myself. This woman has given me a new outlook on life...... and she has changed my life in the most dramatic way possible.

If you are fortunate enough to have Michelle’s advice, your life will be all the better for it.
— Jeanne Reid

After testing at 30(6years ago), it was discovered I had a low egg count for my age and that the only chance of conceiving was through IVF. I felt incredibly sad and desperate that there had to be another way that could assist me to achieve my dream of having a family naturally. Seeing several other natural practitioners and having no success, I was recommended to see Michelle McCosker at Nurture Health Solutions. My first appointment (early 2013) with Michelle she was informative, understanding and she provided some initial testing that previous practitioners had not provided. On my treatment plan with Michelle improvements in my cycle were noticed after 3mths and achieved which resulted in us becoming pregnant a few months after. We couldn’t believe it, we were so excited! In May this year (2014) we became proud parents to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I honestly believe that it was due to Michelle’s treatment plan that this miracle finally happened for us and would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is having fertility issues. Michelle is calm, consistent and really listens and she genuinely cares for her patients to achieve their end result.
— Bree

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for your expertise. We have been using naturopathic care for many years, and over the past two years under your care we have had excellent results. We come to you with all of our ‘problems’ - from migraines and allergies to winter colds and post natal care - and you have always listened to our concerns/symptoms and provided a treatment plan that works every time. You think outside the box and I love that when I come to you I don’t spend a fortune as you only ever prescribe the items we actually need. And, the main thing, we see results quickly. My girls love coming to you too often asking to visit Michelle. As you know, with our youngest, you were the only person to recognise her symptoms were related to allergies and within 24 hours of her new diet and naturopathic care program her symptoms had reduced and within a week had dissipated altogether, now just needing a maintenance plan. Thank you so much - you have changed her life. We are looking forward to our healthy future under you care.
— Philippa :)

For over a year and a half I had suffered from unbearable ovulation pain where I was unable to function for one to two days of the month. I had been to doctors and gynaecologists with little success of fixing the problem. A friend recommended Michelle and I approached her with my symptoms. She really listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained what the issue could be and how it could be fixed. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but a few months down the track I no longer have to worry and plan my life around pain and not functioning for up to two days.
I can’t thank Michelle enough and am really impressed with her professional but friendly manner in how she dealt with my situation - I would certainly recommend her to anyone.
— Vanessa