Michelle will listen to what you want to achieve and devise a treatment plan that is individualised to you to give you the best opportunity to reach your health needs in a realistic timeframe. Everyone should have the ability to make informed choices when it comes to their health.  Often there are alternatives to mainstream medicine that most people aren’t aware of. This relates in particular to Michelle’s passion and specialisation in Natural Fertility Management, Women's Hormones, Microbiome (gut balance), Detoxification and EFT tapping.



Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a self-applied technique often described as psychological acupuncture (without the needles!) that involves tapping on acupressure points on the face and upper body.

EFT Tapping can be effective in any situation, event or feeling and releases the negative emotion often within minutes, leaving you in a calm, clear minded state.

Tapping is used to eliminate food cravings, to encourage body-shape, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance sports performance, remove trauma and painful memories, reduce physical pain, illness or addiction.

EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals (over 130 publications) and has been used for 40 years. To read about the evidence behind tapping go to

We also facilitate workshops to train teachers and educators EFT tapping for implementation in the daily routine, in the classroom or one on one.

You can book a one on one EFT tapping session at the bottom of this page.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is still considered experimental in nature although it is gaining in scientific support it is not yet widely accepted as a formally validated scientific technique.

All books, workshops and trainings are intended to promote awareness of the benefits of learning and applying EFT – however, the general public must take full responsibility for their use of it. This material is for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for traditional medical attention, counselling, therapy or advice from a qualified health care professional. Neither EFT nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.

Please note that if you begin tapping and find yourself overwhelmed, distressed or becoming aware of previously forgotten memories, you may need to seek the professional help of a trained and experienced EFT Practitioner.

A lack of result or progress may mean you need professional assistance.

If you have any concern regarding your health or mental state, it is recommended that you seek out advice or treatment from a qualified, licensed health care professional. Before making any dietary changes or discontinuing, reducing or increasing prescription medications it is recommended that you consult with a doctor, pharmacist or other qualified medical or health professional first.


If you are thinking about having a baby now or further into the future, it is not too early to start preparing for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.  Preconception care refers to optimising your health and addressing health issues, such as hormonal and emotional imbalances, before you become pregnant, to keep you, your partner and your baby as healthy as possible.  Putting the time in before bub arrives can avoid unfavourable health issues down the track.




Your gut works most efficiently when its organisms are in harmony (balance). Those organisms can then make many important biochemicals required for normal everyday functioning (eg: ubiquinol, known commonly as CoQ10). Ubiquinol is required by every cell to provide you with energy.  There are many other examples like this which may be the missing pieces to your puzzle of health imbalance.  With approx. 80% of your immune system residing in your gut, this area is so important to address.  You don’t necessarily need to have gut symptoms for there to be a connection. Any of the following symptoms may indicate that we need to focus on the gut: brain fog, fatigue, poor sleep, night sweats, constipation, diarrhoea, mood changes, anxiety, food and environmental sensitivities.

Photo by NataliaDeriabina/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by NataliaDeriabina/iStock / Getty Images


Women of all ages are normalised to bad cyclic symptoms and told that they are a ‘normal’ park of being a female, and that unfortunately there is nothing you can do. However, this is not the case! It is also remiss to spotlight just one hormone when considering treatment.  It is imperative to take a multi-faceted approach to achieve harmony.  Do you have pain, heavy bleeding, mood swings, no bleeding, headaches, clots, bloating, constipation/diarrhoea and inconsistent cycles? Usually, these symptoms means something is out of balance. I undertake a detailed case analysis to find the underlying cause of these symptoms. The overall goal is to find a natural solution using herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle and not a list of medicines to take for the rest of your life. Let’s get your hormones under control!



There are 3 types of functional testing that we undertake:

1.     Oligoscan – Mineral and heavy metal assessment (non-invasive, instrument placed on the palm) detects the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication. We are constantly exposed to heavy metals through pollution of the air, earth and water. Some heavy metals can also be transgenerational that we have 'inherited' from parents and even grandparents. These pollute the human body either by direct contact or indirectly through the food chain. These heavy metals impact how well we use and store minerals for essential body functions and cause imbalance.

2.     Dutch – This test provides measures and metabolites of all sex hormones, adrenal hormones (cortisol, cortisone and total cortisol) and 6 organic acid tests. These results enable accurate individualised treatment and are very powerful because they provide validation as to why you are feeling the way you are, through a urine sample – no more blood tests!

3.     Bioscreen -  Is a specialist tool test that investigates the microscopic gut flora of the lower intestinal tract. It cultures and counts the bacteria that should be in your gut. The stool test (collected at home) identifies groups of gastrointestinal micro-organisms that under certain circumstances, contribute to or potentially cause disease. Scientists have provided a new insight to the role of these organisms in contributing to chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue, Childhood Behavioural disorders, food intolerances and mood disorders. The aim is to restore balance to these organisms and look for improvements or disappearance of symptoms.

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