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Going Medical or Natural. There is no need to choose just one.

In the time I have been practising, I have noticed a shift in the way people think about natural medicine.  Previously many people referred to Naturopathy as an alternative treatment to Western medicine.  Now naturopathy is considered widely as complementary to allopathic / pharmaceutical treatments.  There have been studies that show an improvement in the performance of pharmaceuticals alongside naturopathic treatment. 

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The elephant in the room - Supporting Healthy Fertile Sperm

The common focus when trying to conceive is the woman.  And this is heighten when your attempts become classified as infertility.  What is wrong with her hormones, ovaries, uterus or her ability to ovulate?  This blog turns the focus to the man.  He is after all the other half to the action of conceiving.  It is not enough for him to just be present when having sex nor are mediocre sperm the best way to start a life.

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