Restoring balance

Looking after your health or getting better health takes more than taking 10 tablets, some liquid herbs and another type of liquid supplement once or twice a day.If your health has been affected by your diet, lifestyle and environment, then these things also need to change.

Your health practitioner can assist with the first part and my view is always working towards having you take as few things as possible (and eventually nothing).  We should be able to be happy, healthy, well-functioning human beings just by having a great diet and solid, consistent lifestyle practices.  However if your health is less than optimal or something is out of balance, then diet and lifestyle is often not enough.  Well not initially…


Supplements and herbs are used at the outset to give you a leg up.  They will assist your body to recognise and take over doing what it is capable of doing before it got out of balance (before your body started to think that this is the ‘new normal’) for whatever reason.  Your diet and lifestyle (food, water, exercise, relaxing, social connection, good sleep habits, environment) are the part of your prescription where you will be offered recommendations, however will take effort and commitment from you. 

On high school report cards in addition to an actual grade/mark, there are two columns; effort (commitment) and behaviour (actions).  When reviewing your health progress think about the ‘subjects’ you are undertaking:





Social connection

Good sleep habits


Next give yourself an honest rating for your effort (commitment) and behaviour (actions).  If you are trying your best (give yourself an A for both) but still not hitting the mark, ask your health care practitioner for some more guidance and suggestions.  Their role is to facilitate your health outcomes, so you can maintain good health without them, not to provide a magic pill.