When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail...

Note: You don’t have to be a tradie to understand the title of this blog.


I read an interesting research article today published 16 January 2018 about options available to women, wanting to conceive, with gynaecological conditions. In summary it discussed IVF as opposed to surgical procedures for women wanting to conceive, with a diagnosis of endometriosis. The statistics for live births after IVF were 18% success rate, however it was unclear how many cycles of IVF were required to achieve the required outcome. In comparison to a well performed surgery (done once and done well) to address endometriosis as a single intervention which is also likely to achieve the same outcome, requiring a little more time but with less cost (the live birth success rate here was 66%). It went on to discuss the lack of advanced surgical skills of specialist clinicians which suggested that recommendation was IVF for someone with endometriosis wanting to have a baby. This may get the woman a baby but does not address the list of other relentless symptoms of pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, headaches, heavy dragging feelings, pain down the legs and in other obscure places.

So you see here that IVF is the hammer and many gynaecological conditions, especially endometriosis, are the nails… The tool belt of the specialist clinician is lacking. Even though there has been an increase in the number of gynaecological surgeries performed in the last decade, there is room for improvement. You may be wondering why I, as a Naturopath would be suggesting surgery over herbs, nutrients, diet and lifestyle adjustments. In some cases surgery is a perfect option prior or during a Naturopathic treatment plan. Once again the importance of being treated as an individual (and not a nail..) shines through. The tool belt of a Naturopath is loaded to the hilt and there are many studied and traditional options at the ready. But to treat a diagnosis as opposed to the woman in front of me would be showing favouritism for my hammer!

In some cases I will recommend that a woman seek the services of a gynaecologist alongside of my treatment plan to get them the best result possible. In the case of endometriosis consider the endometrial tissue the maintaining factor, which needs to be removed with surgery. The causative factors can then be dealt with more successfully by the Naturopath . Other conditions do not require surgery and can be treated very successfully with all the tools in a Naturopaths tool belt. I am open to the ‘team’ approach. It takes more than just one tradesman to build a house, right?

If you or someone you know suffers from any type of cyclical symptoms (these are NOT normal, no matter who you are) please get in touch so we can restore balance, harness hormones and get you feeling normal again.