Male Fertiltiy - Feeling tired? Then so is your sperm.

Fertility issues are often referred to as a 'female' problem.  This is not an accurate way to look at fertility.

There is no way to tell if your sperm are in good health from the way you feel.  However if you are feeling tired, exhausted and stressed, then there is a good chance your sperm feel the same way! A common misconception is that if you have fathered a child previously, then there is no reason you can't now.

Having a quality semen analysis done is a great place to start.  I would even classify it as one of the first most important things to do. There are also different ways to analyse the results.  The 'normal' range is not a good indication of sperm health.  There are 'optimal' ranges established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that give a much truer picture of the health of the sperm.  Most Naturopaths work on 'optimal' ranges. Also a simple blood test to check your hormone levels is a good idea.

This test may reveal that sperm are underdeveloped, abnormally shaped or unable to move properly. Otherwise, normal sperm may be produced in abnormally low numbers (oligospermia) or seemingly not at all (azoospermia). The production of sperm is dependent on a delicate interplay between various aspects of the endocrine (hormone), reproductive and nervous systems.  

Low antioxidant status (oxidative stress) has an effect on sperm and contributes to up to 50-60% of miscarriages.  This is not a female issue.  The good news is that there is something that can be done and quite quickly.  Quality herbal and nutritional supplementation, along with some adjustments to diet and lifestyle are key.  A qualified Naturopath can assist in all of these areas. 

The aim is to have top performing swimmers.  By putting in a small amount of effort you can make a huge difference to your fertility health and your chances of making a baby.