What is your plan of attack to combat and dodge winter illness?

Most people put a lot of time and effort into planning holidays, parties, weddings, home renovations and the like, however when it comes to having a plan to deal with illness, especially through winter we are not very organised.

Many people think the way to avoid a cold or flu or to give themselves a lift when they are feeling run down is to take a multi vitamin.  If it were that simple, pretty much no one would get sick.  This course of action is actually completely off the mark.  The majority of our Immune System resides in our gut.  So gut health has a lot to do with the odds of getting sick.  Something as simple as only having a bowel movement every second day can be enough to put your immune response on the back foot.  Digestive function (which includes things like: quality and frequency of bowel movements, excessive burping, excessive flatulence, heartburn or bloating to name only a few) is the first thing to consider.  The environment of your gut can also be determined most simply by looking at these digestive symptoms.  Further to that there are numerous tests that can be requested but for most people by answering digestive case questions this can be eliminated.

As usual with your health, it is not a one size fits all approach.  Depending on your current situation, immune and gut history each person will need protection and support in different areas and in different ways (olive leaf extract from the pharmacy is not a cure all - no matter what your neighbour or auntie says!).

Your gut is a constant living (and dying), changing environment as is the function and responsiveness of your immune system.  So having a good plan or building up your body with preventative and protective measures gives your body the best chance to avoid or minimise any winter ailments.

I am available for the next 3 weeks to assess how you are positioned for the coming season and recommend a plan of attack to support your body to do it's best. (Last clinic day is Friday 1 May) Don't leave it until you are already sick, get onto this soon.