Going Medical or Natural. There is no need to choose just one.

Alternative Vs Complementary

In the time I have been practising, I have noticed a shift in the way people think about natural medicine.  Previously many people referred to Naturopathy as an alternative treatment to conventional Western medicine.  Now naturopathy is considered widely as complementary to allopathic / pharmaceutical treatments.  There have been studies that show an improvement in the performance of pharmaceuticals alongside naturopathic treatment.  Most improvements were after treatment of the gut and digestive function and environment due to the gut being the site of absorption of many drugs.


But there is nothing wrong with me.

Another point is that many people don’t realise a need to see a Naturopath if there is ‘nothing wrong’.  You don’t need to be diagnosed with a condition to improve your health status.  Naturopaths treat the person – not a disease or diagnosis.  Diagnosis can be helpful in determining a natural treatment regime, however they are not always necessary.  Furthermore, the symptoms that you have been putting up with for years can often be addressed, corrected and eliminated altogether. For example: mood swings, IBS, heavy menstruation, painful menstruation, headaches, recurrent thrush, restless legs and the list goes on……….

The Naturopathic Consultation

A naturopathic consultation involves taking your health history, going through relevant systems and what signs and symptoms you are experiencing, brief family history, looking at physical signs (eg: iris, skin, nails and tongue) and using screening tools such as a body composition monitor (which will give, overall weight, fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, visceral fat rating and metabolic age) and Hemaview (live blood screening). 

Facts Vs Fads

Treatment can be tailored to the patient specifically, their budget, their preference regarding diet & lifestyle and/or supplements and most importantly timeframe. Eg: If finances are a concern then a suitable treatment plan can be recommended, however may take a little longer to get to the end result OR if you would prefer the quickest route then that can be considered also.  Something you won't hear from me is about the latest fad or current trendiest diets or wellness techniques.  I base my treatments around the facts and that they can be backed up by evidence.  Sorry no hippy, celebrity, tree hugging or cool recommendations here - this is about you and what you need. Private health cover extras may also cover some of the cost of consultations.  All funds are different, so it is best to check with yours as to what you are covered for.

Not all Naturopaths are created equal......  comparing apples with apples

Finally I would like to note that not all Naturopaths are the same.  Unfortunately as this industry is not very regulated, treatment plans and consultations vary greatly as does cost.  I am a Naturopath that does not like to overload my patients with supplements and rigid regimes. There are patients, much to my dislike, that leave their Naturopath paying no less than $300 each visit!!  What I am is realistic, will not prescribe more than what is absolutely necessary and will work with how to fit your treatment plan into your current family situation (that’s the being ‘real’ part). If it’s too hard you’re not going to be compliant and not going to get the result you or I want.

If you are looking for the chance to feel better, have more energy, keep up with the kids or eliminate that niggling problem that is now part of your life - contact me for an appointment.