The elephant in the room - Supporting Healthy Fertile Sperm

The common focus when trying to conceive is the woman.  And this is heighten when your attempts become classified as infertility.  What is wrong with her hormones, ovaries, uterus or her ability to ovulate?  This blog turns the focus to the man.  He is after all the other half to the action of conceiving.  It is not enough for him to just be present when having sex nor are mediocre sperm the best way to start a life.

More than a third of fertility problems in couples are due to poor sperm health.  This includes not just the quantity but also the quality.  Enhancing the quality of sperm increases the chances of conception.  The effort most men put into their health and hence the quality and quantity of their sperm pales in comparison to that of many women wanting to start or add to a family.  Now this is not a scalding or a rant, more so an educational piece for the blokes to consider before conception endeavours but usually long after numerous failed attempts.


Health and lifestyle risk factors that have a negative effect on sperm health are:

                                Smoking, alcohol and other drugs             Stress                                 Poor diet

                                Overweight or underweight                        Infections                            Aging

                                Chemicals and heavy metals                     Tight clothing                     Radiation

                                Overheating (sauna, spas etc.)                  Riding a bike                       Medication


Protecting, supporting and strengthening sperm can address issues with:

Quality – Morphology (size and shape), Motility (how well they swim), DNA integrity

Quantity – Low sperm count

Free radical accumulation leading to oxidative damage to sperm can compromise sperm quality.  Antioxidants offer protection against oxidative damage.

 Supporting production quality and rate of sperm is vital as this can be affected by the slightest changes in diet and lifestyle.  Key nutrients that target this pathway are a must. 

You want your sperm to get to the finish line with as little effort as possible.  So some strength training is in order.  Energy metabolism is the key to this third important piece in the puzzle. You wouldn’t expect an untrained footy team to win a grand final…..

If this sounds overwhelming, do not put it in the too hard basket.  It usually only takes a few lifestyle and dietary changes, supported by some supplements and you are on your way to improving your sperm health.  The good news is that sperm production only takes three months. You will be giving your baby the best start in life and your partner/wife will be over the moon that she is not alone whilst taking preconception supplements each day.  So if you don’t procrastinate about this your sperm will be winning medals rather than just finishing the race…….

If you know of anyone that may benefit from some of the above support, pass on this blog.  As taboo as this subject is, they will thank you for it down the track.