What do you want to know??

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I am sitting here, staring out the window, looking at the rain fall on a 45 degree angle, waiting for the inspiration to kick in.  There is so much to write about and so much I am passionate about that today it has become overwhelming (maybe it's just the fact that I'm 25 weeks and 1 day pregnant and my head is vacant today....).

So what I have decided is to ask YOU what it is you would like to know and read about.  Then I can work my way through your requests.  It just makes sense to ask, rather than guessing what you would like to know more about.

I specialise in Fertility, Pre-conception care, Pregnancy, Post natal care, Breast feeding, Newborn and Children's health.  However if it something outside these categories you are interested in - then fire away. 

If your enquiry is of a specific nature, please contact me through my website www.nurturehealthsolutions.com.au otherwise, stay tuned for an interesting blog coming to you very soon.  No topic is out of the question.