Join the 'Calm Club' You can do anything BUT you can't do everything

Daily life can be hectic coordinating children, work, meals, drop offs, pick ups, appointments, outside of school activities, finances, time for yourself and time with your partner.  Now let's throw school holidays and maybe a couple of colds or other seasonal illness on top of all that!!  Is there possibly anything left in your tank to handle this??

I invite you to join the 'calm club'.  Some individualised and smart supplementation can get you through this 'challenging' period with a smile on your face and all dignity in tact... (you know what I mean if you've ever felt that no one in your family takes you seriously or listens until you lose your cool)  This is not exclusive to mothers.  Most people feel some type of increase in stress levels or tension at some time of the year.

Acute stressful periods left untreated can have long and short term negative effects.  Digestion, sleep, memory, concentration, over-reacting to a usually well handled situation and general mood.

Through life there is situational stressors that pop up from time to time.  Do you know of someone in your family where their usually balanced, even disposition gets hijacked by the mere thought of going off plan?  This is no fun for the person involved and no fun for those around them.  If this is you or you know of someone that would like to feel more calm and in control contact me to book in for a consultation.  You'll be amazed by the results from something so simple. Join the club!