Time to put yourself first

Now that the holiday is over, kids are back at school and life can return to some sort of order and routine, take a deep breath and turn the focus to YOU.

This blog will relate, mostly to mothers, so it is written that way.  However, please do not take offence all of those dads that fill this role so well.  This show, called day to day life, will not go on without a well slept, exercised, fed and mentally functioning producer (mum).  So often when I am treating children, at some point during a consultation the mother says "I should really come and see you myself".  The act of putting your children first is a very nurturing one.  I often respond with "well the sooner the better, if mum is not functioning well and happy, then things start to fall apart".  They agree. 

So now that you may have a couple of minutes, or if your really lucky, a couple of hours to reflect on how you are feeling, take note and take action.  Make the time to get the professional guidance and support to be the best you, you can be.  For your sake and your family's sake.  It may be a niggling problem that you have put on the 'back burner' until you get around to it or it could be that you know you are just not quite 100%.

The most common of all is that for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before your period you feel like someone has high-jacked your body, emotions and brain.  Your family think you have lost your marbles because one minute you are happy and calm and the next minute you have turned into a raving lunatic!  Does this, or parts of this sound familiar? 

What I find most is that women seem to think there is nothing that can be done about this, except maybe for extreme measures like separation or moving out until the 'crazy women' has left your body.  This is NOT true.  There is plenty of options for you and I bet your family would not be able to get you in for an appointment quick enough if they knew this was the case.  This scenario is one of many versions of what is not an unusual experience.  Most times it is a matter of imbalanced hormones which can arise from numerous circumstances.  Some examples that you might relate to are:  your last child is 2 years or under - your hormones never went back to normal, or your hormones where never in balance before you fell pregnant, lifestyle choices (alcohol, poor diet, smoking, exposure to environmental toxins - who isn't) and stress just to give you a few.

If you fit any of the above descriptions, there is hope that you can become your former self (for the entire month).  A Naturopathic consultation and specialised treatment plan is your answer.  Self prescribing or taking what you neighbour takes (because she feels better on it) are not the answers to YOUR experience.  We are all different, you need to honour that and give yourself the treatment you deserve.



Michelle McCoskerComment