Hand your health over to a qualified Health Practitioner

Have you been self- prescribing?

Do you know what you are taking and why you are taking it??

Do you rely on friends or google for your health information???

Unfortunately many people are taking their health into their own hands or taking advice from unqualified people.  Would you service your own car?  Or try and give yourself a root canal?  Many people go searching for an individual herb or nutrient to treat their ailment.  I must say that more often than not, what they are after is not going to provide the magic cure.

Seeking answers on google will often provide you with limited information such as a single nutrient that is going to ‘fix’ you.  Unfortunately we are not as simple as that and combinations of herbs or nutrients often do a more comprehensive job. Many disease processes involve more than one body system and therefore involve more than one ingredient for results.  This can lead to the band aid approach, trying one thing after another with no luck and next thing you realise your pantry looks like a vitamin shop and when you add up the money you have spent, you could have seen a Naturopath and been prescribed an individualised effective treatment plan for the same cost!

Another common issue is taking the same supplements as your neighbour, friend or lady you met at the supermarket.  Would you take their prescription medication?  How do you know that your situation and body is identical to theirs?  Natural herbs and supplements are not prescription medications and are not a ‘one size fits all’ remedy.  If I saw 5 people that suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), there is every chance that I would write 5 different treatment plans or 5 people with infertility issues, they would all be treated differently.  Natural medicine is about treating the individual and how they experience disease or imbalance. 

You only get one body to live in, so why not give it the best care possible?  Most people put a lot of time, effort and energy into planning things like holidays, weddings and celebrating milestones (40th birthday).  Do you give that much attention to your body or to preparing for starting a family?  Getting the best advice and quality supplements is a good start.  A consultation with a naturopath will ensure that your whole health history, your family health history and how you are experiencing your health currently, is taken into consideration.  From this information, potential causes and sustaining factors are addressed to assist your body achieve and restore balance as it is meant to. Taking prescription medications? Not a problem. Natural medicine, when prescribed by a qualified professional, often complements certain medications you might be taking. For a lot of people, this means, over time you may need less tablets! Be proactive and start taking steps to a healthier you today. Prevention is the best type of medicine.