The Benefits of seeing a Naturopath during Pregnancy

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From the day of conception your body’s nutrient requirements are far more than when it was just yourself to keep running.

You can imagine something that roughly triples in size in the first 4 – 6 weeks is going to need some extra help in the nutrition department.  It’s getting busy!!

This is where ‘giving your baby the best start in life’ really begins (especially if in the preconception phase a nutrient plan was not used).

Many common symptoms that occur during pregnancy are often caused by nutrient deficiencies in the mother, as the developing foetus is using them. Two common examples are headaches and muscle cramps.  There are also specific nutrients that support each stage of development, some of which cannot be found in your run of the mill pregnancy multi vitamin or your diet.  Naturopathy can address factors such as stress, immunity (cold and flu, for which there are usually not a lot of options), poor sleep and digestive issues during pregnancy, just to name a few – no you don’t have to put up with these!

Like with every aspect of your health, pregnancy is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario.  Most women are told to take a pregnancy multi vitamin and eat well.  However this is not sufficient for many women and your personal health history and family health history has a lot to do with determining your nutrient requirements.  There are studies that suggest we may share the same gut flora as our great grandmothers!!  Our genes are amazing, so why wouldn’t you want to get yours (and your baby’s) in top condition at this important time?

Your pregnancy experience will be completely different to your neighbour or your sister.  Even your own second or third pregnancy may differ from the first.  So it is important to treat each as its own individual journey.

Knowledge is power.  Education in how you can get what you need from your diet and if necessary supplements, will give you and your baby first class nutrient status to get you through this beautiful journey as healthy as possible.


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