When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail...

I read an interesting research article today published 16 January 2018 about options available to women, wanting to conceive, with gynaecological conditions. In summary it discussed IVF as opposed to surgical procedures for women wanting to conceive, with a diagnosis of endometriosis. The statistics for live births after IVF were 18% success rate, however

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Restoring balance

Looking after your health or getting better health takes more than taking 10 tablets, some liquid herbs and another type of liquid supplement once or twice a day.If your health has been affected by your diet, lifestyle and environment, then these things also need to change.

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Getting Back to Basics

Many articles written this time of year focus on New Years resolutions, goals for the new year, how to have a better year this year...  which in many cases is fraught with potential to lose focus, feel pressured and committing to things that are not achievable.  

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